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Welded Wire Mesh Grounding

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Working on a job that has welded wire mesh instead of rebar in every concrete pad for switchgear and transformers, etc. The wire only has a diameter of .192" inches. It has to be bonded to the ground ring (4/0) and I'm trying to figure out what type of lug or crimp to use.

Having trouble finding something that matches that wire range. Any suggestion appreciated
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I would use an Ilsco IK-250. They're grounding/bonding and db rated.

I've used hundreds of IK-6's to tie #8 Cu to wire mesh for equipotential bonding.

I see these split-bolts are rated:
"For use with copper conductor types: Solid, Compact,
Compressed, Concentric"
....I don't see where it says for steel mesh/rebar.

Am I reading it wrong?
To be honest, I never looked into it any further. Our inspector here only required grounding/bonding and db rated. These seemed to fit the bill and he approved them.

If someone knows of something else that specifically states it's for wire mesh I'd be interested in knowing as well.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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