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West vs. East.

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I'm currently a pre apprentice located in Toronto, On Canada. I hear that there's a lot of work out west in Alberta because of the oil sands. I was curious, if there is a lot of work in Calgary to(local shop not oil sands). I like to go oil just for the experience/money but I have family responsibilities and it would be hard for me to make the move.

Also I have a family member that lives in Manitoba. Is there good employment opportunities there to?

I love my city and it has treated me very well but with this career move I'm making it seems that electrician here don't fair very well. The only electrician that seem to do ok are the union guys but even some of them tell me it's hard getting steady work. In the end I have to do whats best for me and my family and if moving west is the answer, west it will be.

Thanks again for hearing me out and I look forward to your replies.
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The economy here is strong but a pre-apprenticeship course is no guarantee of a job. If you have a background in construction already it certainly helps but you don't say what your work background is.

It's a tough call. It's unlikely that you will find work unless you have an Alberta address and phone number. That might mean that you make the move first and grab whatever work you can find. That could be a labourer job but at least you're working construction.

There was a guy here recently from Red Deer; seemed like a bright, motivated kid but he was looking for a starter job for five months with no luck. I'm not trying to discourage you but landing the apprenticeship is the tough part. If I was you, I wouldn't limit myself to electrical. Find a job in construction and then look for opportunities in any of the good skilled trades.
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