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I use a long dewalt auger bit that drills very well but I'm not 100% satisfied.
I work a lot of resi and today it happened: I ****ed up the ceiling as it didn't go the way I wanted. Probably a nail.... and for sure an unhappy customer.
How do you avoid that?

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You were just drilling down thru a top plate into the wall cavity and you ended up going thru the ceiling?

That happens, it's more of a user error than the bit's fault.

I like auger bits, paddle bits get dull quick and don't do well with nails.

A good 5/8" 7/8" are good to have around. Buy a good brand name, something better than Irwin (altho they aren't terrible, just not as good as the Greenlee Naileater, IMO).

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I use a spade bit for drilling interior walls and horizontal supports between studs...

A Greenlee nail eater is the best way to go where you will find nails in the wood..

Modern carpenters with nail guns use 3X as many nails as those old school hammer and nail guys.. :rolleyes::rolleyes:
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