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What no-cut gloves are the best

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Which no cut gloves are the best? I like the Ansell product, but looking for input on preferences in the field, and why one is better than the other.
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Since when do electricians use no-cut gloves?
I usually get the Ansell Hyflex Kevlar cut resistant gloves - their sizes are consistent so I am a size 9 no matter what glove of theirs I get and they are usually well made.

But, I got a couple of pairs of Northern Safety Kutshieldz level 4 and they are very nice. Good grip but I haven't really tested how safe they are.
Since when do electricians use no-cut gloves?
You wear them when you work on sharp edges, panel, trough and tray modifications come to mind.
Speedy Petey said:
Since when do electricians use no-cut gloves?
Some contractors/plants require them as part of their required ppe policy just like safety glasses, ear protection, hard hat, metatarsal, etc

My company uses these and I haven't heard any complaints. They are comfortable even in 110 degree weather and have great dexterity for a cut level 3 glove. They seem to last about month or two even though we wear them pretty much 8 hours a day, only taking them off at break.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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