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1. Have the motor shop just put a longer cable on it for you. No splices = no failures.

2. If you MUST splice…follow American Electricians handbook. Strip out plenty of cable. Buy crimp barrel connectors. They are cheap and very reliable. Buy heavy wall adhesive lined heat shrink. But enough to cover each barrel connector plus about 2 inches and diameter just bigger than the barrel connector, and then one bigger than the overall jacket and several inches longer than the other tubing combined.

3. Strip the jacket out on both pieces.. Lay them facing each other. Cut each conductor so the barrel connectors do not overlap…stagger about 1” apart. Now before doing anything else, take your heat shrink tubes and slide them all on first thing. If you forget to do this you have to start all over.

4. Strip and crimp on all the cables so the barrel connectors do not overlap. Now warm up each of the smaller ones with a heat gun and shrink it on. A gas cylinder (propane) works good too but oxy-acetylene is way too hot to control it. Then shrink on the outer jacket. This will outlast the rest of the cable.

This makes a water proof splice that lasts as long as the cable and it’s cheap. I can splice this way in about 10-20 minutes while working from a work boat in a dredge operation. I’ve done it dozens of times.
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