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Uhpolstry repair or is it for occasional brain surgery side jobs?
The washer fluid reservoir on my truck was leaking. So I ordered a new tank. When I went on Youtube to see how to access it, I realized I had to remove the grill in the front. Looked like it was out of my league when I looked at it. I had no idea how to pop it loose.
So I found this guy on Nextdoor. He is a mobile mechanic and he comes to you. His price was $100 bucks so I hired him. I figured it would take at least an hour to do.
He was done in 20 minutes.
When I asked him how he did it so fast he showed me a tool case like Jeff posted above. Does all those things you need to do and never have a tool to do it with. I would have had no clue as to what that kit was for until the mech serv call.

@brian john This reminds about your thread "Service". I found a reliable, prompt and honest auto mechanic last week. He has a mobile service. He comes to the car.
Has everything he needs "except a lathe to turn rotors". Nice guy, veteran trying to build up his business.
My granddaughter was buying her first car. She has saved for over 3 years. I told her I would match any amount she saved. I was very concerned about buying a used car. So I called the mobile mechanic and he did the inspection for $100.
He called me when he was done and gave me a run down on everything. Turns out the car was in excellent condition and she bought it.
My daughter said when she went there he had it jacked up and was underneath the vehicle doing a thorough inspection. He even inspected the brakes. He had the wheels off.
Well next week he doing my brakes. Best quote I have received. And he comes here. No waiting or dropping off.
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