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Last month a major corporations bean counters solicited us for a fixed $$$ on something anyone in their right mind would need these to accomplish>

I refused, instead forwarding a T&M estimate based on my findings ....

This month i'm called in by the same people that solicited me originally , and informed i'm low boy
(think apples /oranges)

But it gets better....

I'm low boy simply because i've contracted to simply fix what was broken once made evident
The other two contractors forwarded #'s for a complete install

But it gets better still....

The head bean counter informs me she upped my original T&M estimate to just below contestant #2 and asks if it'll fly (we were originally 1/3 under #2)

The on site maint man asks if he can get whatever is left as addition work done

I'm all about running my #'s up to their NTE now, there's a certain beauty in that....:thumbsup:

comments? arabic curses? expletive deletives?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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