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In todays economy what has worked for you the employer, and you the employee to maximize profit for the company?
Advertising, profit sharing, health insurance, new truck..tools..training, credit cards, smart phones, nextel, scrap wire policy, company meetings, vacation policy, allow employees to take truck home?

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Here's one way that worked;

in 1990 I moved to Reno. I walked in to the office of a company and was hired as a journeyman on the spot. I was sent to a job and did my best for them.

Two weeks later, the owner of the company came by the job and gave me a $2 raise.

I hit it even harder for them.

About 6 months later, I got a company van. At first, it was left at the shop, but a couple of months later, I was told to take it home every day.

After about a couple of years, (and a few more raises) I got a nice bonus. Subsequent years were larger bonuses. And paid holidays and paid vacation.

I did just about everything I possible could to maximize profit for them, knowing I'd get some of it back.

I didn't realize this until later, but this company would hire just about anyone who walked through the door. Most guys made it about 2 hours, some would last a few weeks. The ones who showed promise were taken care of very well.

And we took care of the company.

About 2 years before I went to work there, the company was formed by 2 project managers, 5 foremen and a couple of journeymen. When I started, it was doing about $4,000,000 a year. When it was sold, it was doing about $30,000,000 a year.

I got to know the owners (there were 5) pretty well over the years I worked there. Their main philosophy was actually pretty simple; hire the right guys, let them run their jobs their way, give them just a bit more than they expect, and they'll make you a ton of money.

Jobs were run mainly by the field foremen, not the office. No two of us ran our jobs the exact same way.

I realize this sounds backward, but the office guys basically worked for the field guys. On the other hand, you can't take a company from someones garage to a new office/shop and $4,000,000 a year without doing more than a few things right.

As one of their long-term employees, there's no question in my mind that a large part of their success was due to the fact that they gradually treated their key people better and better over time. Not all at once, gradually.

While we certainly chased that carrot in front of our noses, we got to bite it once in a while too.
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