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Building 9001 (Tinker Aerospace Complex)

The second of the public-private partnerships is Building 9001, originally known as the Tinker Aerospace Complex housed in the former General Motors Oklahoma City Assembly Plant located west of the runway on the south side of the base, north of I-240. A 50-year lease-purchase agreement was executed in September 2008 between Oklahoma County and the Air Force, covering the 2.5 million square foot (353,000 m²) facility and 407-acre (1.65 km2). This was the GM plant I serviced the cameras and access control on.

Previously, the largest single building at the base was Building 3001 at 1,300,000 square feet (120,000 m2). This building was over one half mile long.

Tinker has leased about 4/5 of the facility and will host some current 76th Maintenance Wing operations as well as other Department of Defense missions, including work on the C-17 engines, joint strike fighter engines and core work on the new KC-46 tanker.

Work being transferred to the complex is currently being done at 69 separate facilities on base, many of which are World War II-era temporary buildings located in runway clear zones. Burlington Northern Santa Fe provides a rail spur into the complex.

Modifications to convert the building from auto assembly to aircraft maintenance is expected to be completed sometime after 2013.

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sparky402 said:
Since when do people have sevants. We actually did a 12500 sq ft for 2 people. Between them and the GC this was the worst job ive done. No communication of things i need to know.
In certain parts of long island, every new construction home or major renovation includes maids quarters.

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I pretwist and then use wire nuts. Solder pots rule.
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15 story hospital, I forgot the square footage.
I knew it inside & out. It took 1.5 minutes to go from my basement shop, up the stairs to the top with my tool pouch to reset the breakers for the elevators.
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