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Which NEC tabs are the best to use

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Im hoping you all can shed some lite on this. I currently hold a Wis. masters license. I moved to Kansas due to a family matter almost 2 years ago. My local city has allowed me to work with my Wis license. They have now told me that if i wish to keep my city license I must take and pass there test before the end of the year when my current license expires. :censored: I have asked around and have been told i need to have tabs on my code book for this block test. I am getting deferent opinions as to which i should get. I have a looseleaf code book and Id like your opinions on which are the best tabs to use. The tabs i have been told a bought are Tom Henry's, Mike Holt, EZ tabs, and the looseleaf divider tabs. 1 guy I talked to said he bought and used them all as each 1 had some deferent tabs the others didn't. NO way im buying 4 sets of tabs so im wanting to know which is the best set to buy and use.
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I think it'll be a crapshoot. It would be better to learn a bit more about how the codebook is organized. Tabs can help shave a few seconds off looking up an answer.

Let's say you have a tab for Art. 340, and you have a question that you know is in Art 342. Open the book to 340, and you're darn close to 342. You won't open the book to 320, then 326, then 332, then 338, then 348, then 344 ......
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