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ElectricianTalk.com is designed to be a pros only community serving professional electricians, apprentices, and related professional electrical fields. Anyone who works as a professional electrician, apprentice, or in a related professional electrical field is welcome to join the site and participate in our forums.

In addition to professional electricians we also allow Manufacturers, Vendors, and Service Providers who work with electricians or in the electrical industry, on a full time basis, to join the site and join in the conversation. We do however require that they follow our Advertising Rules when doing so. Failure to do so will mean that your account may be banned from the site.

As stated above ElectricianTalk.com is designed to be a pros only community and that means that "Do It Yourself" homeowners looking for free advice and other non-professionals are not allowed to join the site. If you need help with an electrical project we highly recommend you join DIYChatroom.com where you will find some great advice and a friendly community.

If you have additional questions or need help with this topic, please start a new thread in our Site Help and Suggestions section.
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