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Why I am glad we loop our wires at device boxes.

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Had a light in the closet off of garage not working. I knew which box the feed came from. Toned it from the supply back to my switch and the tone was strong.

So I figured I would pull out the drip loop. I pulled out the cut section of wire that the plumber cut.:censored:

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I don't do very much resi and even I have wired houses before the plumber got through it or while he was there. MTW lives in his own perfect, special little world where he is the only sparky and everyone absolutely MUST do things his way. He's a worse troll than Cletis is.

FWIW............when I do resi, I leave a bit of loop at the boxes as well. You never know when someone wants to move a box or some moron will cut a wire.
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