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Will an Apprentice license reciprocate?

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A few years ago I moved back to Texas and eventually got into the Electrical trade in the Oilfield, now I'm looking to move back to Arkansas. My question is, will my 2 years worth of hours I have as an Apprentice Electrician transfer over to Arkansas and will I be able to use them towards my Journeymans test in a couple years. I don't see why they wouldn't count in Arkansas since Texas Journeyman and Master License reciprocate with Arkansas. I haven't been able to find anything online that can give me any answers. All I've found is that Journeymen and Masters reciprocate, and nothing about Apprentice license or hours logged as an Apprentice electrician. Any information will be loads of help.
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Look here and call them the contact and number can be found on the bottom of the page. Good luck!

Thank you, its more than appreciated.
My Massachusetts apprenticeship hours, done before registration was required, counted towards me taking the Arkansas journeyman's a few years ago, so I would think.
they didn't restrict the amount you already had? I'm waiting to call that number Joe posted because of the holiday
Now that I think about it, I had already had a Mass. journeyman's at the time, and while they don't reciprocate, they may have qualified me on that fact.

I talked to them on the phone several times about it, and I remember them being very easy to deal with. Nothing like Northeasterners. Hope it works out for you.
well thats good to know, I want to be able to get my licensing and everything set for when I move or get there, I really appreciate Grogan, thank you
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