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nemesis said:
Hi guys, my neighbor just had solar put on his house and is waiting for [email protected], and the city to sign off on the work. He had me look at the electrical work and asked if the work was to code. Here is what I found:

The existing MSP has a 100A 2 pole breaker off the meter that WAS feeding his subpanel inside his house. The solar electricians installed a new subpanel next to the existing MSP outside (less than 5' away). From the MSP they ran an 1 1/4" emt to the new SP (125A 120/240V 12-24sp) with #4 wire for the hots and neutrals and # 8 ground. They used the existing 2 pole 100A breaker from the MSP to feed the new panel. And they re-routed the existing feeders and conduit for his existing subpanel in the house into the new subpanel and put them on a new 100A 2 pole breaker. This all seemed ok, but they also installed a 2 pole 20A breaker and a 15A 2 pole breaker for the solar equipment. Adding the solar equipment circuits threw me off and I wasn't able to tell one way or the other if this is correct, if the new subpanel was undersized, or if it will pass inspection. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
The 20 and 15 amp come from the solar system and go into the new 125 amp service panel? What kind of inverters, how did they get from the solar panels to the service panel, is there GFCI in this system, how big is the array? Lots of needed information and pictures.
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