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Even electrical "helpers" make at least minimum wage, if not a bit more than that.

I believe there is no law that will prohibit me from working for free if I'm a willing participant.
In this state,because of insurance laws you could not be a slave,in fact that was outlawed 140 years ago.

So you need a job as a helper.

Can you move out of Ontario?

Then go to a province that's got the oil sands jobs , you'll get on right away and you'll be paid well to learn the electrical trade,,Good luck..:thumbsup:

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Hi guys,

I'm from Toronto and I'm looking for someone who will allow me to work for them for free so that I can learn the skills of an electrician, Dry wall taping,
or Home Renovation.

Which one of the three are you going to major in???
Dry wall taping:
Apply fiberglass tape
Apply mud to joints and screws and be sure to pack plenty of mud into the electrical boxes.
Sand until smooth.

Home Renovation:
Take the wheels off your home and put down roots.

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Liability for the company.... Why would anyone want to step back in time 150 years and work for free?? What would be incentive to invest any training monry in you, since if you got a job offer for $1.00 a day you'd be making more than the free company...
What if you got hurt at work? Since you aren't being paid, you technically aren't an employee... Might find yourself on your own and unable to work again, or with a long term injury...

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I believe there is no law that will prohibit me from working for free if I'm a willing participant.
You're right.. there's no laws prohibiting YOU from working for free.. but there's laws prohibiting people from hiring people for free, unless they can get away with one of those sketchy "Internship" positions.. have a good law firm on retainer!

But how nice will it be when some greasy dude takes you on for free, you get hurt and then he claims he doesn't even know you. :whistling2: And seriously, only the greasiest will take you and not pay you minimum wage.
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