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Wire rating above 30 C

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New to the site and trying to find a clause in the CEC that states:
"If wire or cable is run in ambient above 30C then the rating of the wire must also increase by the same amount."
I hope I have the wording correct .It is probably right in font of me:laughing:"

Thank you in advance
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 4-008 Insulated conductors (see Appendix B) (1) Except as provided for by Rules 4-012, 4-020, and 4-040, or as may be otherwise required by other sections of this Code, insulated conductors shall be of the types specified in Table 19 for the specific condition of use and shall be suitable for the particular location involved with respect to, but not limited to (a) moisture; (b) corrosive action; (c) temperature; (d) degree of enclosure; and (e) exposure to mechanical injury.

As long as the temp rating is above ambient it is fine to fun the wire.
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