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Wiring for a meat dept.

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I was at the meat dept. I used to run before I got into the trade and was looking at the electrical installations. The main wall that has all of the receptacles for the equipment (bandsaws, slicers, cubers, etc.) is ran with exposed emt and bell boxes. All of the couplings and connectors are compression but are not raintight fittings. The 120V receptacles are gfci's with in use covers and the bandsaws are twist lock plugs with no cover.

When I was there we were always having electrical problems because that wall gets BLASTED with a hose every night. The cleaning chemicals even eat up the bell boxes.

The question is, how would you re-install the electrical to hold up to the abuse?
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Marine grade?

Whats the difference between ordinary devices?
The screws and such for the cord clamp are brass or stainless. They have a gland where the cord enters the clamping section of the plug, to exclude "most" of the water and foam. The plastic is a type that won't get pale and brittle with constant chemical cleaning and washdown. They often feature a "lid" or "plug" or sorts to seal up the business end when the equipment is unplugged.
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