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I have a 20" wide 600A panelboard that is being topfed through the back wall. All of the feeders also have to come out of the top. There is no access to either side or the bottom. Right now we will just be installing a 3" EMT for a 200A feeder but I don't want to make it hard on the next guy to install additional conduit.

I would like to install an 8x8x36" trough above the panel with (2) 3 or 4" nipples. The right side of the trough would be even with the right side of the panel. The left side of the trough would extend out over a doorway. This would allow for more conduit entries from the top.

Can I pull my 200A feeders straight through the trough on the right side or would I have top comply with the 8x requirement for straight pulls. I would not be using this as a pull point, only passing through.

My other option would be to install my 3" directly into the panel on the top right side and offset the trough to the left of it. I don't think that would look as good but meeting code is the priority.

What would you do?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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