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Wtf panel

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Anyone else run across this type of old panel?this lady calls me up and says her boyfriend just ripped out all the fuses and fuse sockets wtf how old is this thing?this is one service call to remember.


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480sparky said:
New? You'd be lucky to find beat-up / scarcely usable fuse holders. ....
Not in this area. I'd say that almost half of the fuse boxes I replace are in great shape. They are only getting replaced for the purpose of cheaper homeowners insurance. I only keep a few on my truck and in the shop, as there is typically an abundance of them. I used to keep all of them, but when I had three five gallon buckets full, and had used only a few of them, I started trashing them all.

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Does anybody know what a tornado and this couple getting divorced have in common?

When either one happens the guy is going to loose the trailer. :thumbsup:
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